The subscription is annual

Prices vary for different boats. The prices of a Beneteau Oceanis 31 sailboat are composed of: a registration fee for the first year of 300 Euros and an annual subscription of 4.400 Euros.

Yes, as long as there are places available. In that case the subscription fees will be recalculated according to the time of the season in which the registration is made. The Skipper season runs from March to March.

Yes, there is a 10-day trial period. If you are not satisfied with Skipper Sailing Club, we will refund your subscription and deposit payments.

No, the concepts of co-ownership or timeshare are associated with many complications, so our club members do not own the boats jointly. They simply enjoy sailing flexibly and without any compromises or worries.

Fuel consumption is borne by each of the partners.

It is necessary to have the qualification of Recreational Boat Skipper to handle most of the boats. However the Beneteau Flyer Sundeck 6.6 motor boat only requires the Basic Sailing Skipper.

Yes, Skipper offers you a practical and comfortable Initiation Programme, which allows you to obtain the qualification through one of our Partner Schools, by carrying out a personalised training with our yachts.

Yes, as an option Skipper can offer you a skipper service so that you can sail the boat every time you go out to sea.

No, but if you do not have the necessary experience and/or knowledge to use the boat safely, Skipper will advise you to take one of its improvement and training programmes. You will enjoy sailing from the beginning, but with the help of the best and most experienced instructors.

Members subscribe to a boat in a certain port. However, they can access different boats in different bases, by paying 200 Euros, always subject to the availability of these in each port.

Yes, there can be up to a maximum of 2 people authorised to use the boat, as long as they both have the necessary qualifications and experience.

Yes, in addition to the partner programme, Skipper offers a specially adapted programme for those who prefer to own a yacht, but in a smart way, enjoying the comfort and flexibility of the unique Skipper proposal.


Yes, the boats are available for our members to enjoy throughout the year, except for a few weeks in February when the yacht is maintained.

Each boat is used by a maximum of 7 partners and all the time is available for your enjoyment through the Skipper Network technology. Our technology ensures the availability of the boats according to the preferences of each of the partners.

Each member is assured the enjoyment of the boat a minimum of 7 departures per month: in the form of 2 on weekends and 5 on working days/nights, in addition to unlimited access to available time free of charge and spontaneously with only 24 hours notice.

Each day of the season consists of 2 departures: morning, 9:30 a.m./18:00 p.m. and evening, 18:00 p.m. / 9:30 a.m. of the following day, including night

The guaranteed minimum is 7 departures per month, which grouped together correspond to a total of three and a half days. This means a total of 84 departures or 42 grouped days per year, plus unlimited access to the time available free of charge with only 24 hours notice.

Each day of the season consists of 2 departures: morning, 9:30 a.m./18:00 p.m. and evening, 18:00 p.m. / 9:30 a.m. of the following day, including night

Even the most sailing enthusiastic members do not consume all the time available each month, and these can be used without limitation and free of charge by the other members according to their convenience.

Each day of the season consists of 2 departures: morning, 9:30 a.m./18:00 p.m. and evening, 18:00 p.m. / 9:30 a.m. of the following day, including night

Friday morning is considered a working day and Friday afternoon-night is considered a weekend.

Each day of the season consists of 2 departures: morning, 9:30 a.m./18:00 p.m. and evening, 18:00 p.m. / 9:30 a.m. of the following day, including night.

Yes, a maximum of 21 outings can be grouped together every three months. The months to be able to group outings would be: 1st QUARTER: January, February, March.  2nd QUARTER: April, May, June Except in July and August, where you can group up to 2 months. 3rd QUARTER: September, October, November, December

Yes, you can book a whole weekend, a few hours trip or a week long cruise.

The Skipper Network on-line booking system is very simple and completely flexible and allows you to make reservations up to a year in advance. Our technology also allows for spontaneous access to the boat or to request changes between partners via WhatsApp.

Yes, our system allows you to re-plan your use as many times as you want, and to cancel your reservations 48 hours in advance, without losing any departures or penalties of any kind.

Yes, of course all the boats are fully equipped with the maximum comfort to enjoy a relaxing night.

Yes, Skipper organizes different activities promoting the exchange of experiences and adventures between members, offering them to be part of a fun community of friends who share a passion. Additionally, our booking technology allows you to plan outings with other members.


Skipper Sailing Club takes care of all the tasks associated with the boat, mooring and maintenance, which it carries out in a comprehensive and professional manner.

Skipper Sailing Club carries out a complete and comprehensive cleaning of the boat once a week. Members are only responsible for basic care after each use. Our highly qualified personnel check the perfect condition of the boat ensuring that it is in good working order at all times.

Although Skipper carries out the complete cleaning of the boat, the partners carry out some simple cares of the boat at the end of its departure. These are basic cares that only take a few minutes, and that they would also do on their own yacht, such as collecting the sails and sheets, taking out the rubbish or removing the salt from the deck.

The partner is responsible for the boat and its crew while sailing. The deposit-guarantee covers possible damages caused by the misuse of the boat. However, for your peace of mind, Skipper provides its members with a comprehensive insurance in case of accident without excess, insuring all the occupants of the boat.

It is the member who returns the full boat tank in the case of the motor boat while on the sailing boat the tank must always be at ½ .


Of course, please contact us and we will be happy to show you the fleet of boats available at our various bases. Additionally, Skipper periodically organises Open Days, to introduce the club and its boats to new members.

Very easy, contact us on 610 619 547 or through our website. Skipper Sailing Club handles subscription requests for the 2021 season in strict order of registration. Make your reservation now. www.skippersailingclub.com