Skipper Sailing Club is a unique concept in Spain, which offers its members the enjoyment of a magnificent fleet of sailing and motor boats, without the costs and worries of owning, mooring and maintaining a boat. With no other commitment than the club membership, the members of Skipper Sailing Club enjoy a boat all year round, without worries and with a «personalised» service. The members of the club are businessmen, managers and liberal professionals, amateurs of the sea, with very valuable leisure time. Although they can afford to buy their own boat, they choose to enjoy the sea with the comforts of our exclusive Club, without the financial commitments and obligations of a boat in ownership


People who love the sea of all ages, who want to enjoy sailing without financial commitments.

Some could afford to own a boat, but understand that it is much more practical to be part of our club because this way they avoid worries. In addition, we offer them a unique opportunity, to be able to enjoy different boats in the same season.

Why Skipper Sailing Club?

  • Constant training.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Activities for members.
  • 24h assistance.


Malena Villarias

Skipper Sailing Club helps you to make that dream come true that at some point we have all had that we are passionate about sailing: to have a boat available at an affordable price and to feel safe to sail thanks to a very complete and practical training. Going out to sea with the only objective of enjoying yourself, knowing that there is an exhaustive maintenance behind it and that any doubt or query will be answered immediately: will this anchorage be protected, with today's weather where should I go, with this wind how will it be easier to dock, etc... 100% safety and continuous training with unbeatable professionalism and human treatment: a perfect formula to make each sailing experience unique.

David Valero

Like many others I took the PER and after the exam I realized that it was more difficult than I thought. After making a couple of mix-ups with kamikaze charters I realized that I needed something different. That's when Skipper and above all Jorge Sanz appeared. Thanks to this club that is a family I learned to sail safely, mastering the situations that the sea compromised us, enjoying unforgettable days with my family. Jorge is a tireless trainer, the sea is his life and his sailing club is a unique opportunity to sail without excessive expenses. Good luck with your dream, which in the end is a little bit for everyone.

Claudia Glogowski

Manager of the company Wecarefully I have been a member of Skipper Sailing Club since 2014 and I think it is ideal for people who cannot or do not want to own a boat but want to sail from time to time! I am very happy to be able to enjoy our Mediterranean, when the weather allows me (both in summer and winter), without any worries or ties!